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The Proclaimation Line - it was the line that separated the British colonies and the Native American's land on the other side of the Appalacian mountains.
There were a some bumps on the road with the economy after American Revolution. Things did not go as smoothly as they had planned. The colonists were in debt from the war, and because they're not part of Britain's mercantile system anymore, key exports, such as rice and tobacco were lost. Both the English and the colonists used significant amounts of money for the war, and had made more weapons than they needed. Without the aid from the British, America's economy wasn't as stable as it was before the revolution. The Congress tried to solve the problem by printing more money, but
the result was many people with fistfuls of worthless money. The people of the New World were hit with inflation, and the loss of many jobs in the urban area. And so, they tried more ways to try and make their money situation disappear. They had realized that the war had some advantages too. The colonists were not bound to the trading limitations that the British had set on them anymore. The Americans really took the fact that they're not under British control to their advantage, and went beyond the Proclamation Line and were able to grow more crops.

They had fought a war to be able to start a new nation, but they still had yet to fight a war for independence. The problems of the social inequalities still haven't been solved. There were still many slaves, and women didn't have the same rights that men did. They had taken part in the Revolutionary war, hoping that the fight for "independence" would result their freedom and equality. The ideas of the Enlightenment were swimming around people's mind, and with those ideas, it inspired women and slaves to fight for their rights, freedom, and liberty within the laws. Women did had some new legal rights, such as the right to divorce, and the right to be taking charge of buisness deals and contracts without the consent of their husbands, but those rights weren't recognized and followed throughout ALL of the colonies. Slavery was beginning to abolish in New England, and the northern parts of the United States continued to ban slavery, but in the south, where the slaves were the reason for their economic prominence, there were an abundance of slaves, and people that opposed the emancipation. They were called the United States of America, but they weren't united at all. Nobody had the same kind of thinking. Everybody just did what they thought was best, but in the end, everything was just a real big mess. The Americans were swimming in a ocean of chaos, and they didn't even know it. They should've realized by now that starting a whole new nation was more difficult than they originally thought.

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