Impact of the American Revolution on the United States & Canada

Phenomenal changes were brought by the American Revolution. By breaking free of the mighty British, the Americans proved that freedom was possible to achieve, even when under the control of the most powerful nation at the time. As the British realized that the colonies were independent, British limitations on trade dropped slightly and the Proclamation line disappeared. With the Proclamation line gone, farming and agriculture spread to more fertile areas. This strengthened agriculture and trade. Even though the war hurt the economy, it managed to boost some aspects of trade.
Diagram of the Proclamation Line
Diagram of the Proclamation Line

After the American Revolution women started to get more rights. Now they were allowed to own property, have the option to divorce, and run businesses. Sometimes they were even allowed multiple of these at the same time. Slaves also managed to get in on the fruits of the American Revolution. Slavery began to abolish in the North. The Southerners were still stubborn towards the subject of giving up their slaves. Even the Native Americans who were once seen as "backwards people" gained the right to immigrate, work, and study inside America. And with all this, the belief of Egalitarianism grew. (The belief that every person is equal). Although the idea wasn't fully developed in some areas, it was present in the minds of society.

When the war was over many Loyalists joined the French Colonies in the North, creating New Brunswick. This also helped expand Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. As a result of the flooding immigrants, Upper Canada started to grow quite fast.
Southern Canada was well off also. They established councils and assemblies. This would lead to the beginnings of two great Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec. With the first self government system in Canada, the country started to flourish.

Canada began to urbanize. Laws were introduced, roads were built, culture developed, churches were formed, ideas were created, and the entire society was as strong as ever. People from all over immigrated to North America, bringing together multiple traditions and cultures together. Something Canada is well known for. The American Revolution has allowed North America to become as great as it is today. A colony that aspired to become a nation and fulfilled its goals. Almost entirely obliterating influence of Britain. An amazing feat. It is no wonder that the pride in our nation is rivaled by few.

This powerful and influential community all started from a single event, and scaled into one of the world's most known countries.
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Crossroads: A meeting of Nations, by Michael Cranny