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American Revolution Wiki : Planning
TEAM ENGLAND: Crystal, Kathy, Kimi, Justin, and Nathan
February 7, 2011
Social Studies 9 Challenge 1-3 Mr. Wightman

A) Top five causes of the American Revolution, ranked - Justin (Hey bro, I believe it is actually 3 causes -DLee)
B) Why the colonies won the war – Kathy and Kimi
C) The Impact of the American Revolution on US and Canada today – Crystal and Nathan


Throughout – Pictures, maps, diagrams
Contributors – “<first names and last initials>
A story?
A – “The Top Five Causes leading up to the American Revolution”
1) Cause
2) Cause
3) Cause
B – “Why did the Colonies Win the War of the American Revolution?”
1) A
2) A
C – “The Effects of the American Revolution on the US and Canada”
1) Canada
2) Canada
3) Canada
4) US
5) US
6) US
Story continued?

NOTE: -All members must contribute to the Intro

-All members must have edited another team member’s work ^I'm concluding that we would be doing this tomorrow? I really don't understand what's going on. BUT OKAY.This is kind of weird, I thought this would be due tomorrow, but I don't see anybody except me writing things in our group, so obviously. I haven't been editing anybody's work, LOL. Anyways, this is more for Nathan, but DUUDE. Do you want to split the work thing, so that you could write about the effects of the American Revolution for Canada, and I'll write the effects for the United States? I want to start writing the intro, but i can't write one without reading other people's work. So yeah. This has been a funky project.
- Crystal.

Okay, we need to make a few decisions to standardize our wiki:
-double spaces after periods or single?
-new posts here on the Planning Page should go UP, and older posts DOWN
-refrain from spamming or unnecessary text. pls, that's what fb or msn is for.
-What is our "team text" font and colour? This means general text that doesn't belong to any one of us, such as our team name on our main page
-keep a backup of your work in your own computer, in case you somehow lose it on the wiki or someone edits it
-we should arrange msn meetings as talking here is rather inefficient

Please respond to the above stuff.

All planning work (such as dividing work load, pasting text to each other, etc.) will be done here. We should also make a checklist here

To avoid deleting each other's work when saving edits, please work on your own England page (England (temp) - <Name>). We'll put everything onto the main England page afterwards.

Also, please continue to write in your font/font colour and leave a little signature so we know who typed what msg. thanks =)

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