France- Effects of the American Revolution on Canada- Kenton's Page

The British Colonies, being under Britain, had acess to Britian's treasury and thus had a large foundation on which they could pay for their military advances against the Americans,
Propaganda was a major part of the American Revolutionary War. On the American side, the colonists spread anti-british sentiment and hate through public acts and other forsm of spreading dissent against the British. On the British side to the North, the same thing was happening among the British. Propaganda, in which the Americans were being protrayed as uncultured, ruthless and savage barbarians, was being passed around and thus, the feeling was mostly mutual when it came to dislike for the opposite camp.

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America during the Revolutionary War, had the technological advantage in terms of weapons and tactics. The Americans had rifled firearms that were much more accurate and easier to fire than the ancient muskets still employed by the British colonies against the Americans. Also, the Americans utilized much more revolutionary tactics and strategy such as guerilla warfare and aiming at the leaders, not at the troops. The British troops saw this and to this day, Canada relies on America for much of their weaponry and strategy.
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Canada is not called Canada at this time. During the war, they still are a British colony won by the British during the 7 Years War. Thus this is not a war between Canada and the American colonies as it is usually portrayed. Instead, this is a war between the British Monarch and the American colonies. With the support of the British Empire behind them, the British Colonies would have the advantage in the areas of economics and military and naval power. To this day, Canada (the former british Colonies) are still under British influence and continue to have a "technical" monarchy under the figurehead of the Queen.

The idea of Canadians not being Americans stemmed from the American Revolutionary war. To distingush themselves from the barbaric, savage (see Sons of Liberty) and uncultured Americans living below them, propaganda was used to protray the American Colonists as those barbaric, savage and unultured people living under them.

With the fires of war burningthrough both sides,they both needed weapons, equipment and other things necessary for waging a war. Thus, the war cost the enviroment more and more in terms of obtaining resources and such.

During the American Revolutionary War, propaganda was flying around about the Britsh loyalists in the aAmerican colonies. The Sons of Liberty were also going around and spreading fear among the British Loyalists. Thus it is not ridiculous to say that some Loyalists were driven to fleeing across the northern border of the American Colonies and heading into the British owned lands. In fact, a fair amount of Loyalists really did flee and remain in what would be called Canada later. Though the some Loyalists used the British Colonies as a sanctuary and went back to the American Colonies after the war.