The Jay Treaty
The Jay Treaty

During the American Revolution, the colonists tried to enlist the people living in Quebec to help them fight for their cause. However, the French did not want to join the revolution because at that time, they had just been allowed adequate freedom by the English - they were allowed to have their own laws, their own religion - and they had no reason to want to revolt against England. The Loyalists in the 13 colonies would move to Upper Canada (present southern Ontario) to remain faithful to England. This also shows why Canada is "more" British than America, not only because Canada was not independent, but also because many Brits moved to Canada following the American Revolution.

The American Revolution also resulted in the Jay Treaty, a treaty that allowed the Native Americans, French, British and the Americans to trade freely between each other. It gave the Native Americans more rights, such as the rights to immigrate, work and study in America, and helped increase trade while avoiding war (until 1812). ´╗┐This was a large improvement from the rights that the natives previously had, it started Canada and America on a more tolerant society.

´╗┐Today, America is the 3rd most populated country in the world. They are known as a world super power and are not only confined to land in North America. They have soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and have armies based all over the world. America is constantly building upon itself and expanding to be the best. This idea that is key to the United States has sprouted over 200 years ago, in the American Revolution. They fought for freedom (how often do we hear that America's soldiers are 'fighting for freedom' in Afghanistan?) and independence. The Americans search for powerful allies, that would be helpful in war (NATO in Afghanistan) and take their military very seriously. The American Revolution started traditions that are still strong in modern day United
The first page of the hand written Constitution
States. Not only did it start the tradition of American pride and military vigilance, but it provided a proper governmental system to guide these traditions along through hundreds of years to today.

The American revolutionary wars showed separation from any British rule in America, and a new government was required to follow suit. During the wars, the second constitutional congress was called and the need for a document to outline the guidelines of the the governing system in war was decided upon A committee was appointed to draft such a document, and it became the first constitution of America, describing a government separate from the one used when England was in control. Eventually, the people of America became dissatisfied with this Constitution, so the constitutional convention was called (originally, to fix kinks of the old government system and touch up articles of confederation). The end product of this constitutional convention was the United States Constitution. This new constitution was the supreme law of all Americans, and the basis of America's federal system today. The end of the American revolution seriously affected America because it provided the world with the superpower we have today (they would not have been able to remain powerful without a self-sufficient government). The remaining United States Constitution today is still used. It is also a guiding light for emerging nations, regarding rights and freedoms.

Without the revolution in America, the world would be missing this guiding light and inspiration. Many governmental systems would be lost without a constitution to follow. The American Revolution supplied not only America, but many other countries, with a form of government and set of laws to support today's ever changing society.

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