Why The Colonists won the war.

Today, America is the 3rd most populated country in the world. They are known as a world super power and are not only confined to land in North America. They have soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and have armies based all over the world. America is constantly building upon itself and expanding to be the best. This idea that is key to the United States has sprouted over 200 years ago, in the American Revolution. They fought for freedom (how often do we hear that America's soldiers are 'fighting for freedom' in Afghanistan?) and independance. The Americans search for powerful allies, that would be helpful in war (NATO in Afghanistan) and take their military very seriously. The American Revolution started traditions that are still strong in modern day United States.

The American Revolution was a war that the British should have and could have won with ease. The colonists prevailed though, and one of the main reasons was Englan
The distance across the Atlantic
d's lack of funds. England ruled the colonies from across the Atlantic ocean; a great distane between them. In war, whenever the British wanted to ship over weapons, artillery, or new troops, their ships would have to travel approximately 4000 kilometres, and by the end of
their journey, many of the soldiers would be diseased and dying. The once powerful British navy was now deteriorating and the ships were in poor condition, even further affecting the state of it's cargo. Many soldiers were lost both on the trips over, and in the battles in North America (guerrilla warfare tactics gave for many deaths in the English army), giving more need to replace them and make expensive trips along the supply lines. The soldiers that did make it well enough to fight did not have the numbers to properly participate in a two-front war against France and Spain. The French and Spanish gave the colonists power over the British, because they had to avoid the two powers as they could not enter war with them as well. The British also tried to speed up war before the colonists could convince either nations to help them. These efforts were in vain, because both France and Spain had entered the war by 1778, tipping the scale for the Americans.

Effects of the American Revolution
The American revolutionary wars showed separation from any British rule in America, and a new government was required to follow suit. During the wars, the second constitutional congress was called and the need for a document to outline the guidelines of the the governing system in war was decided upon A committee was appointed to draft such a document, and it became the first constitution of America, describing a government separate from the one used when England was in conftrol. Eventually, the people of America became dissatisfied with this Constitution, so the constitutional convention was called (originally, to fix kinks of the old government system and touch up articles of confederation). The end product of this constitutional convention was the United States Constitution. This new constitution was the supreme law of all Americans, and the basis of America's federal system today. The end of the American revolution seriously affected America because it provided the world with the superpower we have today (they would not have been able to remain powerful without a self-sufficient government). The remaining United States Constitution today is still used. It is also a guiding light for emerging nations, regarding rights and freedoms.