Holland- Why the Americans Won

The Americans 
The Battle of Saratoga
The Battle of Saratoga
had many advantages to why they had won the war for their freedom and liberty. The battle was fought on their soil so they saved time on imp[orting informatian throughout the troops and shipping of resources. It may seem that the British will win the war since they went up againgst ameteurs but the Americans sneakiily used their advantages of being a new nation to their advantage which the British never used. The Americans used heavy propaganda to capture hearts and mind of its people ever since the begining up until now and it will do so into the future.

One of the other main reasons that the Colonists won the war in North America is because they had help from France and Spain back in Europe. The Battle of Saratoga is a turning point in the war. It provided the colonists the chance to prove that they were able to win a battle against the English, allowing them to convince France and Spain to join the war on their side. Now, England not only had to fight in North America, but in Europe too – and of course, England itself was more important than the colonies in America. The attention focused on the colonists was then lessened, and with the French now on their side, it provided them with arms, naval force, and artillery.

How the Americans used the Guerrilla warfare tatics to their advantagesOne of the main reasons why the Americans won the Revolution was because they had used Guerrilla warfare tactics.It is already known that they will not win if they used the battle plans and formation the British used so they resorted to the unpolished way of fighting which led to their victory.A few of the most influencial tactics that American army used to win the war were shooting down the British general first, Keep hidden and suprise attack the oposing army, arming the civilians whom the opposing army trusted, and using the 2 hit and run tactics.

The main reason why the American army aimed for the British general was beacause everything that a ordinary foot-soldier does comes from the command of the top general and without the general the troop will fall out of formation and become an easy target. It took the British longer to choose an approriate general canidate since England was far away and it took time for the information of a fallen general to arrive and it took even longer to choose the right noble with the right age and experience in war to ship over to the Americas.

The main tactics that the American army used was suprise attack. They have demonstrated that being hidden and suprising the opposing army could bring quicker and much easier earned victories. They armed the cilvilians with weapons to surprise attack the opposing army and they kept their troops hidden in the forrest so they can snipe from a safe distance without being realized that they were there.

The Americans could never have won without the Guerilla tactics.

external image IH020336.jpg
external image IH020336.jpg
The crossing of the Deleware river in the middle of winter where the element of suprise was used on the Hessian armies.

Why The Colonists won the war.

The American Revolution was a war that the British should have and could have won with ease. The colonists prevailed though, and one of the main reasons was Englan
The distance across the Atlantic
d's lack of funds. England ruled the colonies from across the Atlantic ocean; a great distane between them. In war, whenever the British wanted to ship over weapons, artillery, or new troops, their ships would have to travel approximately 4000 kilometres, and by the end of
their journey, many of the soldiers would be diseased and dying. The once powerful British navy was now deteriorating and the ships were in poor condition, even further affecting the state of it's cargo. Many soldiers were lost both on the trips over, and in the battles in North America (guerrilla warfare tactics gave for many deaths in the English army), giving more need to replace them and make expensive trips along the supply lines. The soldiers that did make it well enough to fight did not have the numbers to properly participate in a two-front war against France and Spain. The French and Spanish gave the colonists power over the British, because they had to avoid the two powers as they could not enter war with them as well. The British also tried to speed up war before the colonists could convince either nations to help them. These efforts were in vain, because both France and Spain had entered the war by 1778, tipping the scale for the Americans.

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