The affects on the relationship of Canada and the USA the American Revolution had on Canada

Canada and the USA shares the most influential and and flourishing relationship of all the modern countries. Since both countries share the same boarder, native colonists, and our histories are linked to eachother in some way. The American Revolution was one of the determining points of Canada's loyaty as both an alley and a colony.

Although Canada sworen its loyaty to Britain when the British Army allowed the natives and the French-Canadians to keep their culture and way, there were still many who secretly supported their American brothers down in the south. During the war Canada choose not to take part but they served as a refuge area for the loyalists and their slaves, serving as a neutral and peacekeeping country since the begining. When the settlement of Montreal was taken over by the American army the loyalties of many colonists changed and shifted toward the Americans since it was foresaw that in the end it will be the American's victory to claim, since if you can't beat them then you join them. The American Revolution infuenced the population and views of the daily life of a Canadian. When the war started out, many loyaltist fled to the upper mainland of Canada now known as the provinces of Quebec and Ontario making the culture of the land more American than the rest of the country.

The future relationship between Canada and the USA will only progress deeper and become more promissing as time progress by. The term of "Brothers" is defined when both countries share the same country who tried to colonize them, Britain, and when we all shared the same native colonists.
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How the Americans used the Guerrilla warfare tatics to their advantages

One of the main reasons why the Americans won the Revolution was because they had used Guerrilla warfare tactics.It is already known that they will not win if they used the battle plans and formation the British used so they resorted to the unpolished way of fighting which led to their victory.A few of the most influencial tactics that American army used to win the war were shooting down the British general first, Keep hidden and suprise attack the oposing army, arming the civilians whom the opposing army trusted, and using the 2 hit and run tactics.

The main reason why the American army aimed for the British general was beacause everything that a ordinary foot-soldier does comes from the command of the top general and without the general the troop will fall out of formation and become an easy target. It took the British longer to choose an approriate general canidate since England was far away and it took time for the information of a fallen general to arrive and it took even longer to choose the right noble with the right age and experience in war to ship over to the Americas.

The main tactics that the American army used was suprise attack. They have demonstrated that being hidden and suprising the opposing army could bring quicker and much easier earned victories. They armed the cilvilians with weapons to surprise attack the opposing army and they kept their troops hidden in the forrest so they can snipe from a safe distance without being realized that they were there.

The Americans could never have won without the Guerilla tactics.

external image IH020336.jpgThe crossing of the Deleware river in the middle of winter where the element of suprise was used on the Hessian armies.
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