Effects on the US
The American Revolution not only gave the colonists the liberty that they had sought, its reprecussions also allowed for its development into the world super power it is today.
1)The most important effect of the American Revolution on the United States was the creation of a constitutional republic based on bicameral legislature. This was a very new government focused on liberty and elimination of tyranny by spreading the power across the President, the House of Congress, and the House of Representatives. This made it hard for any one party to hold absolute power. This government system allowed for greater freedom and protection of rights in the new country, facilitating its growth into a world super power.
2)The American Revolution also created a society of people who elevated liberty, and wary of tyranny. People who had suffered from Britain's various imposed laws such as the Stamp Act cherished their new freedom, and did not ever want to return to past injustices. They were wary of the government despite its new and improved form. Thus, the American population generally acted in the interest of each individual, leading to an extremely competitive society. The various spread of ethnic backgrounds and the division into many states also inevitably led to clashes and competition. This competition ended up furthering the development of the nation.
3)The American Revolution finally led to the United States' position in the modern world as an economic super-power. Though it was at first crippled by debt (as it is currently) from the Revolutionary War, the lack of British restrictions on trade and production allowed for economic growth. The competitive attitude of America also pushed business further. The liberty from the government allowed businesses to rise to new potentials.

By strengthening the economy, stabilizing and creating a relatively effective form of government, and creating a society revolving around competetion, the American Revolution led to the development of the United States of America as a world dominating power.