´╗┐The political cause for the American Revolution was and the failure of the British to give the American colonies representation in government. The lack of colonial control over the colonies frustrated the colonists. The fact that Britain did not think to implement these measures almost inevitably led to dissatisfaction in the colonies. The colonists then became upset because of the Proclamation Act of 1763, and the Stamp Act. These Acts effectively "punished" colonists for fighting the 7 years war, taxing the colonists and giving away the Ohio Valley, the reason why the war even started. Colonial attempts to speak out against these Acts were responded to by rough attempts to regain control such as the Townshend Acts and later, the Intolerable Acts, instead of negotiation. This forced the American colonists to resort to violence, causing the American Revolution. A lot of this anger towards the British is the main reason for the war. Another major factor that started boiling new anger was the economy.

The economy had pushed many colonists pushed to the brink, and many had become very angry. War is really expensive, and the British had a huge debt from the Seven Years War. The best way to get money fast was to tax the colonists. The Stamp Act was intoduced, when colonies bought goods, they would have to buy stamps to show that you payed the tax.
A new term was created, "No taxation without representation!" The colonists got angry and formed a group called the Sons of Liberty, led by wealthy businessmen.
The Sons of Liberty had even started a new way to show their anger: Tarring and Feathering. When the tax collector came by, they would pour hot tar and feathers on him. Another example of the colonists anger was the Boston Tea party. Colonists dressed up as Natives for a publicity stunt and dumped all the Tea from a shipping boat into the ocean. The economy was clearly irritating the colonists. Nobody had economic freedom.

These economic "causes" don't so much cause the war, but are a big factor for instilling more hate and distrust towards the government.

All of this really leads up to socialogical causes. The economic and political causes seem to be the main reason that hate is created towards the British, but question is, what started all this hate? This now ultimately goes to socialogical causes.

The colonists who are rebelling against Britain are made up of several people; British, Scotts, and Irish, all of them once being under British control. So of course, they would all naturally be against Britain from the start as they were all treated unfairly when they were british colonies. They were taken advantage of economically and forced to convert, much like what happened in New France to the Natives. The colonists in truth were starting to realize how different they were growing from their own home country. In some parts, religion was a huge difference. The British were Anglican, though in the south, many were strict and loyal Puritans, creating tension socially.