Causes for American Revolution

Economic Causes
The economy had pushed many colonists pushed to the brink, and many had become very angry. War is really expensive, and the British had a huge debt from the Seven Years War. The best way to get money fast was to tax the colonists. The stamp act was intoduced, when colonies bought goods, they would have to buy stamps to show that you payed the tax.
A new term was created, "No taxation without representation!"
The angry colonists had even started a new way to show their anger, Tarring and Feathering. When the tax collector came by, the would pour hot tar and feathers on him. Another example of the colonists anger was the Boston Tea party. Colonists dressed up as Natives for a publicity stunt and dumped all the Tea from a shipping boat into the ocean.
Nobody had economic freedom.
<Talk a bit more about how the taxes caused the war, and how the anger caused the war>
These economic "causes" don't so much cause the war, but instill hate and distrust towards the government. The main reason for the war would really be in the ideology/socialogy section, but that would be caused by the economic "causes"

Art causes
The subtle art about the American Revolution was the Propaganda that was set into everyone's mind: Anti-British. The Sons of Liberty, the main Anti-British group had pulled of the Boston Tea party, dressing up as indians and dumping shipped tea, as a huge publicity stunt for Propaganda. The tax collectors getting tarred and feathered was also a subtle art(...Say what?). Thomas Paine had introduced new ideas in support of the American Revolution. He wrote "Common Sense" which was a piece of literature stressing the point of how silly it was that Britain could rule this huge continent.

A lot of the Art Causes revolves around propaganda. This doesn't generate hate towards the British, but more just spreads it around.

Effects of American Revolution
Economic effects
On America

The colonists had no debt to start out with, making them already more powerful economically then the British who were in huge debt. However they had no financial infrastructure, meaning they really didn't have much of an economy. Still, they had allianced with Spain and Frace (who despised the British and were very happy to help). They had helped them out economically, saving the colonies a lot of money for war.<The colonists were broke tho at the end of the war>