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The enlightenment made people question the Britain's rule and whether or not it was fair to the people. This relates to taxiation without representation, it's like having to play while having no say. Just imagine having to pay someone moeny in return for nothing. While it may be true that colonists haven't been paying taxes it is a very dramatic change that they suddently do. The British think this is reasonable because the Americans have not been playing taxes at all and they were the causes of war draining the national treasurey. Both sides think that the other is wrong and they are right creating a space between the two people. Eventually events happen, tentions rise, and "shit hits the fan." The British think that the people ini america have gone too far and they need to be taught a lesosn the war is on. But however this doomed the british because the war was not one of brawn and might. But one of the minds of the people. As the British increased it's hostilities it seperated the relationship between it and the colonists.

Interestingly enough the leading cause of divorces is because of finances

Distance between the British and Colonies physically also made them different culturaly and socialy because of the different situations and lifestyles each other had. To prove this we can observe the many different nations of the world. Even though we all came from the same contnet Africa, we have branched out into a number of different types of people and are suited to different types of terrain. The way wars are fought for example can drastically change from place to place. In Europe we can see that it's a gentalmen's war, battles sites are predetermained, Officers are not to be shot, people fight in the open on fair terms. However, when one is to observe how wars are fought in America, people fight then run away, people fight anyone at any time, people suprise each other and kill, soldiers are said to deliberatly target officers. This type of combat is called Guerilla warfare and is also one of the most prevelent reasons why the Americans won. One can see a major difference between the two fighting styles. The ways the two different people fight can show differences between people. There is no such thing as chivalry in America meaning the mindset in England are completly different from the ones in America. This difference can be a large factor as it proves that there is differences and between the colonies and motherland. This doesn't even factor in the fact that most of the people from the colonies are not pure English but mixes of puritains, Irish, and various other factions with resentment towards England.

A pamphlet called "Common Sense", written by Thomas Paine, discussed the rather impossible scenario of how a Island can rule a continent. This pamphlet was propaganda justifying how the peoiple were doing the right thing and how the British were doomed from the start in attempting to control the continemt.