Dear Colonial Revolutionaries and British Loyalists (if you are First Nations, you don't count so don't respond),
Here is a minor checklist for your wikis

Do you have an intro that leads to your conclusions (thesis)?
Do you have clear claims/theories?
Did you support your ideas with facts?
Does your art support your thesis or distract the reader from it?
Do you summarize your ideas in a conclusion that links to the original introduction?
Are your claims specific or general?

Please put your name and colour in the list here below for reference,
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Tony dong,
Zheng Li,

Message: By the way, I was not checking the wiki for messages, but e-mail. Hope that is okay. The final depends on your team. Just let me know when you are finished. As for the intro, you decide together what you are going to say as background, like an opening paragraph on the subject. I sense frustration, but try to just experiment intellectually with this process and the topic itself. You are trying to explain the causes, main reasons for the loss of the colonies (or victory by the colonists), and the effects on Canada and the US. It is your understanding that matters. Hope all goes well:
Mr. Wightman, are we supposed to be putting everything [a), b) and c)] all on ONE PAGE?? What is the "intro" that we all have to contribute to??

So all of the project is due by the end of class on Wednesday of next week?~melinda

Hey, Mr. Wightman, could you check over our Russia page. And I'm not really sure how to do our footnotes. Thanks (: -Vivian J
The Russian page is moving along nicely. Some quick feedback. Some of the topics have been mixed: economic contains sons of liberty, (hasn't been linked to the economy directly) Furthermore, the summary of causes, reasons, and effects have not been made clear. Try to unify the themes and relate each directly and accurately to the topic. Excellent use of facts, coloured fonts (lots of different workers), and not too many pics. Relevant pics and a map may also be added. Keep working.
Thank you for the quick feedback and criticism. We're still working on our page right now and making it better by trying to jam everything on.

Hey everyone, its Garth. just addierng some formfat at utilitaies

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Remember guys, only the boss uses black. I am the boss... Also,
the wiki is vulnerable to the dishonourable, just like the internet. Welcome to
real life. We'll talk more tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing your theories
on the development of the US and Canada as a result of the Fall of New France and
the Loss of the English colonies to a new idea. . ; Mr. W.

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